Design your own Atma and enter the blog’s first contest – Detailed Instructions

avatar_editorialIf you haven read the Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner novel or you just want to have another copy of it, then this contest is for you.

In the next contest you will be able to participate and show your design and drawing abilities and knowledge on the Digital Devil Saga franchise, creating and Atma to try to win the awesome prizes that 10,000 Punishments for a Sin and ChibiFriki have for you.



Name: Design Your Own Atma
1. Objective: Design of a unique Atma of the Digital Devil Saga universe.
2. Design Aspects: The Atma’s design is totally free but you have to fulfill the next aspects:
a) It must be a totally new design.
b) It can’t have much similarities from the existing Atmas inside the Digital Devil Saga games.
c) It needs to have the basic aspects of an Atma (black color, simple and keeping in mind function as a tattoo). If the participant needs to know more about what is an Atma, it can visit the infographics made a little while ago.
d) The design needs to have a unique and original name, for it to can be identified between the rest of participants.
3. Format: The Atma will be given digitally. This can be done by sharing the drawing on the different social media of this blog, or in the blog itself with a comment:
Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Blog
4. Participants: No requirements are needed to participate other than accepting to give your physical address in case you win the contest (this information will be used only to send the prize).
5. Deadline: The deadline will finish on Octuber 15, 2015. During this period the contestants can only upload a single design which will be used to participate.
6. Intellectual Property: All the images here used are property of their respective owners. The winner of the prize authorize the use of his design on the prizes that need it. At no time it is intended to generate any monetary gain from the use of the images, brands and franchises shown here.


The contest will have a unique winner who will recieve the following items.


  • Book – Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner
    The softcover version of the first novel that was translated by Kevin Frane and published by Bento Books.


  • Plushie – Serph
    A little plushie of Serph made by the store “ChibiFriki”. Handmade exclusively for this contest.


  • Book Separator and Button Pins
    1 Book Separator and a set of 7 button pins with the respective Atmas of the Embryon tribe, along with the design of the winner of this contest.


The contestant has the rights to know the deadlines that where made for this contest, which are detailed below:

From September 15 to October 15: Terms to upload Atma designs.
October 16: Deadline for submissions.
From Octuber 17 to 18: Publications of the list of participants and waiting for possible comments in case we miss any legal entry.
From October 19 to 23: Creation of Facebook gallery and voting time.
October 24: Voting end.
October 26: Publication of the winner.
*The terms described here may vary without notice.

10,000 Punishments for a Sin is not liable if the package is lost due to a bad description of the physical address of the person.
The time it takes for the prize to arrive at its destination, may vary between countries. We will seek all the ways possible to keep informed the winner of the status of its package.


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